Michio Kawahara

Fountain (Izumi) Missionary Baptist Church

Born in the year following the end of WW II, Brother Mitch was part of a new Japanese order, one that opened the doors for Christian missionaries to work in that country. He was won to the Lord in 1964 under the preaching of Missionary Shigeo Kanoya, himself a convert of one of the very first Baptist missionaries in Japan following the war. Answering God’s call to preach, Brother Mitch came to the US in 1966 to begin his studies at the Missionary Baptist Seminary, where he finished in 1970 and, after some deputation, moved back to Yokohama, Japan in 1971 and began his mission work. The Fountain (Izumi) Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1987 and Brother Mitch remains its faithful pastor today. He serves as an instructor in the Japan Missionary Baptist Seminary and for more than twenty years, he has served as President of the Japan Baptist Association. He received an honorary Doctorate in Missions in 2012 from the Missionary Baptist Seminary in Little Rock. Brother Mitch married his beautiful wife, Akiko, a few months after beginning his mission work in Japan and the Lord blessed them with two beautiful girls, Emi and Mami, who are very active in the work in Japan.

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