ABA Ministry

Gerardo Carrión

Brother Carrión was saved at the age of 15 in Mexico City where he was born and raised in the Capistrano neighborhood. He learned the gospel from reading a Gospel of John tract with the plan of salvation on the back. His thirst to learn more about the Lord and His Word led him to Missionary Victor Guzman who met and taught him the scriptures. Feeling the Lord’s call in his life, Brother Carrión moved to Little Rock and began his studies at the Missionary Baptist Seminary in 1979. Following his graduation, he moved back to Mexico City to begin his mission work under Unity’s sponsorship in 1984. The first church organized was Aragon Missionary Baptist Church in 1991. He then led the Betesda MBC to organization in about 2006 and that church has led in organizing three other churches since that time. Brother Carrión hasn't stayed in one place:  he has preached in 20 of the Mexican states, 29 states in the U.S., and in ten foreign countries over four continents! Brother Carrión earned his Masters in Bible Languages in 2012. While on visitation, he met a young lady whom he led to the Lord and would become his wonderful wife. He and Monica were blessed with two fine sons, Israel – an architect apprentice, and Esteban, a first-year business major in the University of Mexico.